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 4G LTE Broadband

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4G / 5G

We are helping people in poor broadband connection areas, by utilising the 4G mobile network for broadband connections thought-out Suffolk and Essex.

A number of rural areas suffer from slow internet speeds, which is becoming more of an issue as more people are working from home. 

Although more rural communities are being connected to the fibre network, this has not yet reached the more remote areas. 

4G LTE Broadband offers the opportunity to gain faster internet speeds and a more reliable connection, using the 4G / 5G mobile phone infrastructure.

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How 4G Broadband It Works

4G Broadband utilises the mobile 4G network to provide an internet connection, rather than using a firbre optic cable or phone line. High-gain antennas are installed to receive the mobile signal, which connects to a 4G router. 

What Speeds Can Be Expected From 4G Broadband.

4G broadband speeds are variable, there are a number of factors that can impact the 4G signal such as: geographical location, surrounding landscape, distance to mast, interference, and available networks. Normally, good speeds can be achieved, if a good 4G signal is received on a mobile phone. A free site survey is recommended prior to placing an order.

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Image by Matt Walsh


A 4G Broadband installation is very different from a standard cabled broadband installation. Antennas are required to be fitted externally. The router needs to be located close to the antenna location, to reduce signal loss. Additional equipment & cabling may be required to distribute WiFi through larger properties. 


As with any terrestrial broadcast connection, many factors can impact the 4G signal. Weather conditions, the number of users, and network disruption can all have an impact on service. Before making any decisions, we recommend speaking to one of our experts.

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Book a free site survey to help us understand your requirements


We'll design a system with you to best fit your security needs


Your system will be professionally installed & full training will be provided


We'll ensure your system is healthy and up to date with remote assistance as standard.

Need More Help?

If you are located in the Suffolk & Essex area and you require more information, please call us on 01473 875975 or fill  out the contact form.


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