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Say goodbye to Wi-Fi dead spots.

Are you experiencing poor WiFi coverage?

We know that a good quality internet connection throughout a property is the backbone of any home or business. We offer professionally installed wireless networks enabling you to use your laptop, tablet, or smartphone anywhere on your property. Our WiFi distribution & wired network solutions offer fast reliable connectivity throughout your property.

WiFi Installation Specialists

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WiFi Distribution Installers

Reliable wifi connections are essential for both homes and businesses. As the number of wireless-enabled devices grows, so too does the demand for stable, high-speed wifi coverage. We offer tailored solutions, that eliminate WiFi dead spots and allow hardwired connectivity. 

Seamless Connectivity

Our seamless WiFi network systems, eliminate the need to use standalone wifi extension devices. Automatic Client Handover allows wireless devices to automatically connect to the strongest WiFi access point, eliminating the need to manually connect devices to access points, as you move around the property. 

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Ready For Reliable WiFi?

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Wired & Wireless

We offer both wired and wireless solutions which can be combined to create one system. Using software defined networking (SDN), we can create a platform that integrates wireless access points and hard wired switches. All devices are managed by a centralised cloud system.

Expanded Connectivity

More people are now working from home, converting garages, sheds, and garden cabins into offices. We can expand your broadband connectivity, to give you fast secure internet connections to external buildings & outside spaces. Our solutions offer connection flexibility, offering both WiFi and hard-wired connections for security systems, printers, PC's and VoIP systems.

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WiFi Terminology


Allows wireless devices to connect to the Access Point broadcasting the strongest signal automatically. This eliminates the need to scan and manually connect to each WiFi access point.


A wireless access point or access point, is a hardware device that broadcasts a WiFi signal enabling WiFi devices to connect to a network.


SSID or Service Set Identifier, is simply the name of a WiFi network. Our systems offer the ability to create a single SSID, configured across a number of access points forming one network throughout a property. Basic WiFi extension equipment does not support this.

Dual Band WiFi:

WiFi currently operates on two bands or frequencies, 2.4GHz and 5GHz, 5GHz being the faster of the two. Not all WiFi systems or wireless devices support 5GHz, this means two SSID's need to run at the same time. All of our systems support both 2.4GHZ and 5GHz.

PoE Support:

PoE means Power over Ethernet, this means devices can be powered via the connecting Ethernet cable. Devices can be powered via a PoE injector which plugs into the mains power supply or via a PoE switch.

Cloud Support:

Cloud Support or Remote Support, simply means a service supplied over the internet. Our WiFi solutions offer cloud support meaning systems can be updated, troubleshot, and modified without physically visiting the site.

4G Rural Broadband

A number of rural areas suffer from slow internet speeds, 4G LTE Broadband offers the opportunity to gain faster internet speeds and a more reliable connection, using the 4G mobile phone infrastructure.


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