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Analogue CCTV vs IP CCTV

Analogue VS IP

Traditional analogue CCTV systems use coaxial cables to connect cameras to a centralised video recording unit. IP (Internet Protocol) cameras send encrypted digital signals via a wired or wireless network. There are now hybrid systems that incorporate both technologies. 

Video Detail

IP cameras offer greater video quality in comparison to analogue CCTV systems. IP cameras transmit data over an IP network via Ethernet cabling, rather than sending video signals over a coaxial cable. Digital technology is less susceptible to interference and noise, which can degrade the video image. IP also offers the ability to send higher resolution images in comparison to analogue CCTV systems.

Image quality




Advanced Features

IP technology allows cameras to incorporate a lot more features in comparison to older analogue systems. Because the technology is within the IP camera, rather than within the recorder, cameras can offer advanced features such as motion detection, human & vehicle detection, facial recognition, line crossing, ANPR options and more.


Unlike analogue cameras, which need to be wired back to the main recording unit. IP cameras can be setup as standalone units, utilised across premises with multiple buildings or even spread across multiple sites. Cameras connected to the same network as the NVR (Network Video Recorder) can have footage stored on the hard drive of the NVR. Standalone IP cameras can utilise 4G connectivity, solar power and the onboard micro SD card slot, to record and store footage independently.


Remote Accessibilty


Advances in CCTV technology has made accessing live footage, recorded footage and manuvering PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) cameras much easier. Main brand CCTV manufacturers have developed their own mobile applications for both iPhone and Anroid devices, making remote access easier but also much more secure. When properly setup, NVR's are password protected and all video footage is encrypted, requiring a separate verication code.

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