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CCTV System Installations

We offer CCTV system installations throughout Suffolk & Essex.

Our CCTV services are available for both domestic and commercial customers.

We use the latest camera technology, offering a range of options to suit almost any situation. We offer a complete CCTV system solution from design and installation to servicing and aftercare. Whether you require a single camera or a  multiple camera solution, we can help.

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Advanced Technology

Advances in CCTV technology mean cameras are no longer simply passive security devices. Improved lenses and chipsets capture images in hi-resolution detail, even at low light levels. AI (Artificial intelligence) uses machine learning to detect humans and vehicles through real-time analytics. Dual supplement lighting improves images captured at night or in low light areas. Active Deterrent technology combines AI learning with onboard security lighting and sirens, offering real-time intrusion deterrence. Dedicated app's allow cameras to be viewed remotely via smartphones, tablets, or PCs. IP (Internet Protocol) technology offers installation flexibility and high-resolution images.

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About Our CCTV Installation Service

Our CCTV installations are tailored to each customer, offering flexible protection options to suit any property.

Our bespoke personal service allows us to work closely with our customers, designing a system that best suits their requirements.

All customers benefit from our highly rated personal service and aftercare.

We work with a range of CCTV manufacturers including HikVision, Uniview, Serage, Concept Pro and Ajax Systems

Our HikVision, UniView and Ajax CCTV systems can be integrated with an Ajax intruder alarm system.

Call 01473 875975 to book a free, no-obligation survey today.


Book a free site survey to help us understand your requirements


We'll design a system with you to best fit your security needs


Your system will be professionally installed & full training will be provided


We'll ensure your security system is healthy and up to date with remote assistance as standard

Take Control Of Your Security

  • Remote viewing via Hik Connect app

  • Motion trigging & notifications

  • Easy view recordings & save them to your device

  • Share cameras with multiple users

  • Remote health monitoring and updating


We'd love to hear from you

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