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Home Security & WiFi System Installation At Beaulieu, Chelmsford, Essex. CM1

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

CCTV and Security Alarm Installation Beaulieu Chelmsford Essex
Beaulieu, Chelmsford.

Our customer had recently moved into a Cala Homes property, situated in George Wicks Way on the Beaulieu development, Chelmsford, Essex.

Firstly, our customer required a security system Installation including both CCTV and an alarm system. It was important that both the alarm and CCTV blended with the modern interior and exterior of the property. 

CC,TV Camera Installation, Beaulieu, Chelmsford, Essex

Secondly, our client was struggling with poor WiFi connectivity throughout the property and therefore required a suitable WiFi distribution system.

Intruder Alarm:

Following a free survey and quotation, we installed the latest Ajax Systems intelligent alarm system, complete with PIR motion detectors, shock sensors, and glass break sensors. Intrusion detection devices were installed to cover the main entry points and the garage, as well as internal routes. The main control hub was securely located out of easy reach. The whole system is easily controlled by using either the touch keypad or mobile app. The system is also backed up by our remote assistance service. The system is self monitoring, sending critical alerts to users via the dedicated app.

Smart Alarm Install, Beaulieu, Chelmsford. Essex


The latest UniView (UNV) TriGuard IP turret cameras were located in positions to best cover the garage, main driveway and side access. UniView (UNV) TriGuard 5MP cameras combine the best technology from across the UNV range. Each camera has smart AI for more accurate motion capture, IR & white light technology for more detailed night capture, and a speaker and microphone for two-way communication. The cameras can also be set up to trigger audible and visual alarms. Our client chose a black finish to help the units blend with the building. 

Uniview CCTV Camera, Chelmsford

A smaller mini dome was located on the underside of the porch, offering coverage for the front door and pathway. All cabling for the IP cameras was hidden where possible, reducing the visual impact on the property. 

CCTV camera install, Beaulieu, Chelmsford, Essex

The UNV cameras are fully controlled by the dedicated mobile application, offering live view, playback, and two-way communication. The cameras were set up to record relevant motion with a line cross-detection setup for the front door. Our customer can easily access recordings and share images if required via the dedicated mobile app.

CCTV App View, Beaulieu, Chelmsford, Essex


The Beaulieu development offers FTTP (Fibre To The Property) meaning hyper-fast broadband connections are available throughout the development. 

Our customer had the fastest broadband connection possible but was struggling to get stable connections to the upper floors of the building. We utilised the pre-installed data cabling which runs from the ground floor router location to the 1st and 2nd floors. Here we located the latest TP Link WiFi 6 access points, to distribute the WiFi signal throughout the building. The TP Link Omada system allowed us to create one signal wifi network across three floors. 

A network controller was added to the system to allow system monitoring and remote support. The network controller also manages "Automatic Handover", which monitors the connected device's. When a device moves between access points, the network control, signals the device to switch to the next strongest access point, maintaining a good WiFi connection throughout the building. 

Wifi6 access point, Beaulieu, Chelmsford. Essex

If you would like to know more about any of the services featured in the blog, please contact us.  

Essex: 01206 688890

Suffolk: 01473 875975

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