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Colchester Security Installations

We are a small family owned and run technology installation company based in West Colchester, Essex.

We offer Colchester security installations including the latest in wireless alarm technology and ultra low light 4K CCTV systems.

Our team has an array of experience, meaning we can offer more than just security solutions. As well as offering Colchester security installations we also offer fire systems, WiFi distribution & network systems, whole home audio systems, 4K & HD video distribution, TV screen mounting, home cinema design and projection system installations and much more.

Unlike other Colchester security installations companies, we pride ourselves in offering the best possible customer service, working with our customers every step of the way ensuring we meet our customers requirements and exceed expectations.

We don’t use salespeople.

In our experience, we feel it is better that our skilled engineers meet with customers to carry out surveys and explain the various options available, rather than using salespeople. By working in this way we can guarantee quality and continuity, also customers can rest assured that the member of our team meeting them to carry out the survey will also design, quote and install the system. Offering a continuous point of contact.

What’s Hot...

Our most popular service at the moment is our wireless smart alarm installations. There are many wireless alarm options on the market, some are ‘off the shelf’ DIY systems, others are wired alarms that have had additional components added to get on to the wireless alarm market.

There are some big names in this very competitive market including Yale, Y-Cam, Netgear & Texecom to name but a few.

At AR Smart Systems we have spent a lot of time testing and working with various wireless alarm offerings with very mixed results.

In our opinion, alarms need to offer the best security possible, give users control and monitoring options as well as being flexible & easy to use.

With this is mind we offer what we feel is one of the best wireless alarm systems on the market today by Ajax Systems.

Ajax wireless smart alarms have been designed as wireless security systems from the ground up. The systems offer various control options including standard keypads and key fobs as well as control via smart devices, PC and Mac.

One of the most common objections against wireless alarm systems is wireless jamming.

Jammers or interference generators are devices designed to interrupt radio frequencies and disrupt the normal function of alarm systems. Jammers can also be designed to target broadband signals. There are many myths surrounding ‘Jamming’ you can find out more about how Ajax Systems are designed to counteract jamming here.

Jamming attempts are very rare with no more than 5 cases in 20,000 protected facilities.

Ajax alarm systems use 5 different frequency bands for communication combined with unique Jeweller radio technology, to reduce jamming issues to a minimum.

Ajax smart alarms also offer smoke, fire and carbon monoxide detectors, CCTV integration as well as home automation options.

If you would like to know more about Our Colchester security installations services please call 01206 688890.


More and more people are looking to add CCTV as part of their home security. There are many options available, from Ring doorbells and spotlights to Yale and Hive cameras. We know that customers can find the options overwhelming.

At AR Smart Systems we offer a bespoke CCTV design service, ensuring customers get the coverage and quality they need without compromise. We offer cameras that can be adjusted to compensate for very dark external areas and light internal zones. We also offer PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom), ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) cameras and hybrid options for analogue system upgrades.

View cameras on your smart device, PC, Mac or via a dedicated monitor.

For more information on our Colchester security installations services please call 01206 688890 or fill in a contact form here.


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