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Time To Secure Your Mobile Home

A mobile home with basic security
Mobile Home Security

Mobile homes offer all the luxury and comfort you expect at home but one thing they often lack is security.

Now, we can secure your home from home with the same level of security you would expect at your house.

Buying a mobile home or static caravan is a large investment, with many offering the latest in modern conveniences, from satellite TV and high quality entertainment systems to central heating and fully equipped kitchens.

Unfortunately, most manufacturers do not delve into the realms of security systems and protection against possible burglars. More often than not, security goes no further than a lock on the door.

Fortunately, multi award-winning security manufacturer Ajax Systems, have developed a groundbreaking security system that can be installed virtually anywhere.

Utilising the latest in security technology from Ajax Systems, we are now offering wireless smart alarm installations for static caravans and mobile homes.

How It Works

All alarms require a central unit to handle communications between devices and users. The Ajax central unit is called the Hub.

Only the Hub requires a wired connection to power, all other connected devices are completely wireless.

Wireless devices such as the MotionProtect PIR sensor and DoorProtect door contact, use Jeweller radio technology, which eliminates false alarms from interference. Amazingly these devices have an estimated battery lifespan of 5 - 7 years.

The hub also contains a rechargeable backup battery, giving 16 hours of backup power in the event of main power failure.

All Ajax Hubs can simply connect to a mains power supply, which is ideal for houses and mobile homes. However, the Hub and Hub Plus can be upgraded to operate on 12 – 24 volts, making them ideal for caravans, campervans and motorhomes.

For more information on Ajax System Hubs click here.

As well as the ability to operate at a low voltage, the Hubs can also communicate via WiFi, hardwired Ethernet connection (2) & the mobile phone network (3), allowing users to control, monitor and receive security alert notifications via the dedicated app, making it the perfect security application for static homes and homes on the move on the move.

No space for a wall mounted keypad? No Problem.

SpaceControl & Wireless Keypad

The Ajax wireless alarm system can be controlled via the

dedicated secure app, available for both iOS and Android devices. The security system can also be armed and disarmed via the SpaceControl. The SpaceControl is a key fob similar to the one you would use to lock and unlock your car.

Why Use Ajax Systems?

There are many wireless alarm systems on the market that offer smart connectivity and remote notifictions, however, Ajax is the most compact, versitie and innovative wireless smart alarm avaliable today.

All wireless alarm systems rely on a central hub, some systems have a large box style hub, which require additional addons for smart connectivity and additioanl cabling. These hubs ideally need to be located out of sight in a loft space or cupboard.

Other systems incorperate the central hub as part of the keypad which can limit it's positioning but also requires additional cabling.

The Ajax Hubs compact design, enables it to be located discretly and includes all connectivity & back up power supply with no additional addons required. This means the alarm can be deployed in a varity locations without the nees to hide unsightly boxes.

Want to take the security of your home from home to the next level? Speak with the experts at AR Smart Systems.

We offer a free covid safe site survey, where we can assess your requirements and give you all the details you need face to face. Simply call 01473 875975 or use the contact form here.

Looking for security for your home? We can help. Contact us on 01473 875975.

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