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4G LTE alternative broadband installation in Theberton, Suffolk

Updated: Mar 22

This property in a remote location just outside Leiston, had very poor internet speeds with no immediate plans for improvement.

Starlink was a possibility  but as 4G offers a more cost effective solution, our customer was keen to explore the potential of 4G LTE connectivity.

After we researched the available signals, and carried out an extensive on site 4G test survey. We found some very positive results.

After agreeing on a suitable location for the antenna array and the 4G equipment, we installed a custom 4G broadband system. The system utilises MIMO technology, meaning the router can use two connection streams for fast, simultaneous upload and download connections.

Directional MiMo 4G Antenna
Directional MiMo 4G Antenna

To ensure property wide WiFi coverage, we deployed a TP Link Omada system. Multiple access points were installed at key locations, offering WiFi connectivity throughout the building. The Omada system utilises ‘Automatic Handover’ technology, this allows WiFi connected devices to move seamlessly between access points, with no loss of connection.

WiFi Access Point
TP Link Omada Access Point

For additional peace of mind, both the 4G system and the WiFi distribution system offer remote heath monitoring. This remote connection allows us to monitor the overall health of the system, up date firmware and adjust signal settings without physically visiting site.

For more information about 4G / 5G broadband alternatives, please visit

At AR Smart Systems we offer a range of bespoke network solutions. We are TP Link Pro Partners & Cisco  Network  Certified.

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