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Reviewing Your Property Security

Even though you’re spending much more time at home than you would have done two years ago, it’s easy to overlook your home security.

Information published by Property Reporter revealed that despite the majority of the UK spending more time at home than ever before, newly released reports show that 365,000 homes were broken into in 2020.

A study also found that a worrying 64% of burglaries in England and Wales had taken place while the residents were at home, meaning occupants are not necessarily a deterrent to thieves.

According to figures, the number of burglaries taking place while someone is at home has increased 57% over the last 10 years. Aviva data also revealed that home theft claims increased by 15% during October and November 2020, compared to the monthly average during 2018 & 2019.

If you are looking to improve your properties security you may be wondering where to start.

Below is our guide to help you:

1. Doors & Windows

Firstly, do the basics, check the security of your external doors and windows. Are the frames in good condition? Are the locks working properly? Can the internal lock or keys be reached through the letterbox?

2. Exterior lighting

Burglars, vandals and other criminals do not want to be in the spotlight, so consider exterior lighting and security lights. There are plenty of options on the market including solar powered, motion activated solutions.

3. The Garage

Depending on the location,criminals may not be able to access your home through the garage, however, chances are you have plenty of valuable items stored in there. Be sure to check all locks on both windows and doors. Alarms & CCTV systems can be extended to cover garages and outbuildings.

4. Security Alarm

Crime prevention advice from UK Police is “Install a visual burglar alarm (as part of a suite of prevention measures - a burglar alarm on its own will not prevent entry to your home)”. Although the market is awash with DIY alarm systems, a professionally installed security alarm system is highly recommended. See more information on the latest alarm systems here


When asked which were the best deterrents, twelve former burglars voted CCTV as the most effective. CCTV technology has advanced massively in recent years with vastly improved image quality, low light recording & app control for remote viewing and notifications. You can find out more about our CCTV service here

If you would like to know more about the smart security option we offer at AR Smart Systems please visit our website

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