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CCTV & Wireless Network Installation Colchester CO2

Project Overview:

HD IP CCTV camera system.

CCTV link to the home AV system in the living room.

Install infrastructure for Sky Q.

Install roaming WiFi system to cover the existing house and new garage/office.


Our customer required a CCTV installation, following the theft of a family members vehicle. The customer wanted the cameras to fit in with the look of the property but also be a visible deterrent as well as offering good coverage and video quality.

We used a mix of HD CCTV cameras finished in both black and white to match the aesthetic of the property.

It was important that our client could easily view the cameras on the main living room TV, without locating the NVR (Networked Video Recorder) in a vulnerable position.

To achieve this the NVR was positioned in a secure location within the property, we utilised a video sender/receiver system able to transmit HD video over a single CAT6 cable. This was connected to the Bose Lifestyle system located in the living room, which was then programmed for one-touch viewing.

To ensure high quality images in both daylight and low light scenes, we used HikVision Darkfighter low light turret cameras.

Sky Q

As well as the ability to view on the main home TV our client can also remotely view on their laptop and smartphone.

In addition to the security installation, the house was prepared for Sky Q.

Due to the layout of the property, a standard free Sky installation would have left visible cabling both externally and internally.

To achieve a less visible, external cable installation, cabling had to be run in a discrete location to the side of the build. Internally, cabling had to be located around the edge of the front guest room, hidden under the flooring. This cable was then taken through the wall to a purpose built, fix AV cabinet.

Network & WiFi

The current WiFi setup on this project was struggling to cover the whole house, meaning areas on both the ground floor and the 1st floor had a poor internet connection. In addition, a new garage/office had been built to the rear of the property, which also required a hardwired internet connection and WiFi.

The new building was not attached to the existing house, our customer did not want cabling running through the house from the router located in the front guest room.

To overcome this, a hardwired feed was taken from the existing Virgin router to a centralised location, where cabling could be run discretely.

Duct grade Cat 6 cabling was installed through ducting between the existing property to the new building.

A network switch was located centrally allowing hardwired connections for devices. To create a seamless roaming WiFi network, we deployed 2 high power access points. One located centrally on the top floor of the house and one located in the new building. This new wireless network allows mobile devices to stay connected while moving between the house, the garden and the new outbuilding.

To reduce traffic on the WiFi network devices such as TV's, game consoles and printers have been hardwired.

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